"Geoff has been one of the most impactful people I've ever worked with. He has unbelievable IQ, the drive to learn what he doesn't know, and mixes it with great EQ and a natural leadership and management excellence. There are probably three people in my career I would absolutely bet my reputation on - Geoff is one of the three. It takes a special type of person to come right from school and build an inbound marketing funnel that experts are jealous of. He's had the opportunity to try things and fail. And try other things and succeed. Common to both - he's taken time to digest and learn from the decision and result to make him even better prepared for his next tough call. I'll be lucky if I'm working for him some day. He will be a success story."

-Jane Jaxon, VP of People, Wistia

"Geoff is accountable to his principles - an upstanding and ethical person. We need more entrepreneurs with his point of view."

-Nancie Freitas, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Constant Contact

"I worked with Geoff at Buildium for over five years and have watched him grow rapidly from a young solo marketer fresh out of school to a talented and trusted leader of an extremely effective inbound marketing team. He has the rare combination of passions, numbers and people, complimented with a calm demeanor regardless of situation. This has allowed him to quickly build a deep knowledge of inbound marketing techniques and team management. His skills are invaluable to any organization seeking to drive customer acquisition from SEO, PPC, and referral channels."

-Coryndon Luxmoore, Senior Director of User Experience, Audible.com

"Geoff has all the makings of a successful entrepreneur. He is smart, thoughtful, nimble, tenacious, an amazing mentor, with boundless optimism and energy. He gets numbers and the technical and strategic, and he instinctively gets how to best work with human beings."

-Beth Harrison, Executive Coach

"Geoff is simply an awesome person who gets things done. He built an incredible marketing team from scratch that acquired 10,000 businesses as customers, he's thoughtful and smart, a strategic thinker who can also move quickly. I can't recommend him enough." 

-Thad Peterson, Director Product Marketing, Wistia


"During the time that Geoff worked for MobiLaurus, under a consultative contract, he helped us reshape our approach to marketing our products and services to our customers. He provided enormous value and growth to our business and showed us how to be more strategic with our marketing objectives. I am thankful to have worked closely with Geoff; he is a tremendous asset to any team."

-Christos Kombouras, Cofounder, MobiLaurus

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